Tap. Flip. Light. Repeat.

That may be all that the Tumblstix, from Zing, entails, but it’s enough to keep anyone mesmerized for hours. Following the fidget toy craze that took the nation by storm just a few months ago, these toy sticks prove that fidget toys aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Sorry, teachers!

Tumblstix is part of Zing’s new Everyday Play line (EDP), and the toy is a miniature, weighted barrel-like stick that features LED lights. The tiny toy challenges balance, as kids—and adults—gently tap it to make it roll. Depending on how much force is used to knock the Tumblstix over, it will flip in continuous rotations. Fidgeters then try to stop it before it loses its momentum by giving it another light tap to make the return trip in the opposite direction. The LED lights go off in response to every tumble.

Tumblstix are available in red, blue, and green colors. Once kids have mastered the art of tricks with one Tumblstix, they can add in more tumbling toys as an additional challenge to amp up the fun. Kids can use  their entire collection of Tumblstix to perform different sequences and tricks that will keep them captivated.

Additionally, kids can hit the lights and enjoy the LED light effects Tumblstix emit when in motion. Only true Tumblstix pros will be able to perform their tricks in the dark, with only the touch-sensitive light to guide them. Or, turn up the jams to create a cool light show and time the flips and lights to the beat of the music.

The latest fidget toy is simple in design and function, but delivers hours of epic entertainment. Even better, kids will develop dexterity and hand-eye coordination skills while they become the top tumblers. As they work hard master this craft, they’ll also strengthen their ability to focus on one task ta a time.

Zing’s Tumblstix is a 2-inch toy that is bursting with infinite flips and tricks for kids to perform.