For me, collectibles go as far back as 1998, when I fought tooth and nail to catch ’em all in Pokémon Yellow. I was only five at the time, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have an insatiable desire to rob all 151 of their fictional freedom. I’m getting major nostalgia just thinking about that game and all the cards I collected in my Tech Deck-themed binder.


Disney Tsum Tsums
Disney’s Tsum Tsum—the adorable, stackable collectibles from Jakks Pacific, designed for kids ages 6 and up—are the newest (and cutest) collectibles to hit store shelves. There are plush and vinyl versions available, so kids can take their pick or go all out and enjoy both.

For this review, I had the pleasure of enjoying a few vinyl packs from Series 1 of the Tsum Tsum collection. My biggest pack contained nine Tsum Tsum figures in large, medium, and small sizes. There was even a mystery character blind bag inside, which I was really eager to open. A few of the characters I got were a small Minnie, a medium Stitch, a large Olaf, and a large Tigger. It was a pretty decent haul and a great start to my collection. The figures are solid, but have a soft, rubbery feel to them. Ears, noses, and other extremities bend and give a little which I like, and the colors are bright and fun.

Winnie the Pooh toy reviews
Winnie the Pooh in his hunny pot.

My next pack was called a “Mystery Stack Pack,” and when I felt around for what was inside I was able to feel three different pieces. Scissor in hand, I cut it open and was happy to find a medium-sized Winnie the Pooh, his “hunny” pot, and a cover to ensure his sweet treats remain where they’re supposed to. The pot was hollow in the back, and was a perfect space to fit Pooh inside all nice and snug. This was definitely my favorite part of the collection.

Each Tsum Tsum vinyl pack comes with a mini collectors guide with check boxes next to each character and size, so young ones can keep track of their progress. Other characters in the Series 1 collection include (but are not limited to) Mickey, Goofy, Pluto, Donald, Eeyore, Elsa, and Sebastian from The Little Mermaid. Each character comes in three different sizes so kids can stack them on top of one another when they’ve collected all three. It’s like bringing together a family.

Tsum Tsum toy reviews

Tsum Tsum even come in plush versions, which are cuddly and soft. And there are some short Tsum Tsum films online that can help inspire kids and spark their imaginations. Click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page to see what I’m talking about, or click here to go straight to my favorite film.

SPOILER: it involves chocolate.