We can’t stop the feeling when we hear the Trolls squad singing to the groovy hits!

Poppy, Branch, and the rest of the musical trolls are back this spring in the anticipated Trolls World Tour animated flick. In preparation for the movie’s April 10 release, DreamWorks unveiled a brand-new trailer, giving fans another look at the different styles of Trolls (including the ever-sparkly Tiny Diamond nailing a rap solo) and their musical hits.

While Queen Barb (Rachel Bloom) wants to unite the strands of music to create an army of “rock zombies,” Tiny Diamond (Kenan Thompson) and the heroes think they can overpower the hard rockers with glitter and the “most important songs in history.” So, naturally, there’s a little Spice Girls, Baha Men, and a smooth jazz saxophone solo for fans to enjoy.

Watch the full trailer below!