You may have been double crossed before, but have you ever been triple crossed?

In Triple Cross, from Winning Moves Games, players aim to have more vertical and diagonal three-in-a-row discs of the same color than his or her opponent. Although billed for ages 6 and up, this game requires enough quick wits and planning ahead to keep older kids (and adults!) entertained for round after round. Only two players are required to play the game.

The honeycomb-like tower has eight rows, in which players slide in their colored discs. Both players receive 12 discs and four blockers. Each row is defined as a continuous line, where the middle disc is slightly elevated higher than the discs on either side of it—which kind of loos like a caret symbol (^). Players take turns pushing in their discs on either side of the tower, but the catch is when another places his or her disc in the same spot, the original disc will slide into the slightly elevated spot. Or, if the row is full, players can even push another disc in to pop out the one on the other side. The disc is given back to the player, and this is also a savage move.

The blocker pieces come in when players want to preserve his or her row, and it can only be placed once per turn and cannot be moved. Since players only have four of these pieces, they must be used veeeeery carefully, but when used right, can really preserve some really insightful moves.

Players continue the game until no discs are left, so each round will only take between 15 to 25 minutes. This head-to-head strategic battle is intense, and I promise that particularly competitive players will get really into it (are you looking at me?). Triple Cross requires a lot of strategy as your opponent is constantly looking to knock your pieces out, all while trying to maintain those coveted three-in-a-rows.