First there was Dominoes, then there was Tri-Ominos, and now Pressman Toy has launched the Triominos–Triangular Domino–Multi-Player & Solitaire Puzzle Game app on iOS—so anyone with and iPhone, iPad, and any other Apple products they keep cookin’ up these days can download it and play.

Now instead of breaking out the good ol’ Tri-Ominos tin (or Dominoes tin) at Grandma’s house or the family get together of your choice, anyone can have instant access to the game at his or her fingertips for the first time, and even start a match against Mom, Dad, or a pal from anywhere with Wi-Fi or a good signal. With the multi-player function, users can compete with friends and family by username, or invite friends on Facebook to play. Users can have multiple games going on at the same time, so no one has to wait around for one game to end to start a new one.

Or, if competition isn’t really your thing (or maybe you’re just too eager to play while waiting for an opponent who takes forever to make his or her next move), users can play in single player mode against the computer. Playing alone is also a great way sharpen your skills and solidify a strategy so you can be a Triominos master inside and outside the app.


Playing is super easy to get the hang of there aren’t that many rules, and the rules that do exist are simple to understand: Players need to join matching Triominos based on the different number pairs on each side of the triangular (obviously) Triomino. The Triominos can be shifted around when necessary, and the ultimate goal is to score a massive amount of points by making combinations such as a bridge, a hexagon, or a double hexagon as pictured above.

While the app is rated for players ages 4 and up by the App Store, the actual Tri-Ominos game has an 8 and up age range, which I think makes more sense. The game will definitely exercise the mind and will take some concentration depending on how seriously you take it (raises hand), so I think older kids and adults will have the most fun with it. And, coming from a Solitaire junkie, this app is just as addicting, and is also one of those games you can play whenever you’re traveling or just sitting around on your lunch break. And stay tuned Android and Facebook enthusiasts, Triominos will be available on both soon!