Due to the pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus, many families are skipping summer vacations — but that doesn’t have to mean you can’t explore the world.

The Trekking the World board game from Underdog Games brings global exploration without having to stuff a suitcase and fight over who gets the window seat. Families race to become the most well-seasoned traveler while also collecting souvenirs and learning about famous destinations.

Families with kids ages 10 and up can dive into the game with rich strategies that can be handled by gamers of all experience levels. The developers behind the game took notes on the feedback from their last release, Trekking the National Parks, and amplified the gameplay to make it even better. Check out some of the game’s contents below!

Trekking the World was originally launched on Kickstarter, where more than 6,500 backers pledged 804% of Underdog Games’ goal. Families who missed the campaign can still preorder the game here, although it won’t include the exclusive All Who Wander cards.

The game will ship in September, making it a delayed summer vacation, but an unforgettable one all the same.