Dig through piles of slime to unearth awesome treasures with three new Treasure X products from Moose Toys.

Kids can pour water from the included cup into the volcano to find out if it shoots out snow or lava with Treasure X: Fire vs. Ice. Kids have multiple discoveries to unfold after they uncover the key from the volcano’s edge. They have to remove the outer shell and dig through a mountain of gel to excavate the Treasure Hunter and its weapon. The larger version of this toy towers over the small one, but each Hunter comes ready to fight with weapons.

Squeeze and explode the Aliens Eggs to break them open and reveal the creature inside. Every Treasure X Aliens toy has a bit of cleanup to it, but this one has a particular explosion of fluorescent slime. Luckily, kids can easily squeeze it all up with the alien they uncover!

The Ultimate Dissection was my favorite of the new toys, just for the sheer amount of stuff going on. This is sort of a super-sized version of 2019’s Treasure X Aliens, which were a favorite among kids and toy experts nationwide. Cut into the alien to unearth its guts and then dig even deeper to find the Treasure Hunter and his weapons. The intestines were particularly hard to cut into, so kids will have to bring their expert surgeon skills.

Parents who want to keep things tidy should be aware that many of the guts ooze either slime or liquid so it’s a good idea to have paper towels nearby and dissect on an easy-to-clean surface.

When they’re done digging into the alien, kids can extend play by turning it into a weapon for their Treasure Hunter. Use the excavated pieces to attach the weapons to turn the alien into a tank. Then break into the brain to create a seat where the hunter can drive.

Kids can discover the rare weapons, characters, and gems that they can collect with the included booklets. Each of the toys offers a messy, imaginative experience that is an unmatchable treasure on its own.