Get ready to drive, spin, and stunt!

Maisto Tech introduces the newest R/C to its Stunt Series, the Tread Shredder. This futuristic-looking tank is perfect for R/C fans of all ages.

The Tread Shredder features durable wooden treads to allow the vehicle to drive and spin on multiple different surfaces. It also allows for a sturdy grip, enabling this fast and furious ride to drive climb up to a 45-degree angle, meaning that it can tackle different terrains. In addition to spins and slope-climbing action, this vehicle also includes additional features like a working roof light that only add to the fun.

Designed for kids ages 5 and up, this R/C comes with a simple remote control. It features two toggles to control the vehicle, with simple directional and speed control, meaning even the younger drivers can jump into the fun without any trouble.

It comes in a couple of different colors (red and black, orange, and blue) so that kids can pick the extreme look that suits them best. It’s also a relatively compact R/C, which means it won’t take up a ton of space in storage, or even if you wanted to put it in a bag and take it on the go.

Overall, the fun stunts and easy controls give the Tread Shredder a smooth and exciting run for kids. Whether you’re a novice driver who’s looking for some cool stunt action or a more experienced R/C enthusiast, the Tread Shredder is sure to provide and extreme ride.