Get rid of your stash of cards before you get trashed! | Source: Winning Moves Games/The Toy Insider

Not all games come in a box — some come in a garbage can. Trashed by Winning Moves Games is a game that is definitely not a stinker!

This new spin-off to the old-time favorite card game called Garbage challenges players to dump their trash. Players get a pile of cards and they must race to get them in numerical order from 1-10. To do so, they can pull unknown cards from the pile, steal from other players, and try to take as many turns as they can until they draw a Stop card. The game also has some Wild cards thrown in, which can lead to unexpected good fortune. The first player to reveal all 10 cards in the correct order wins the round, and the first player to win three rounds wins the game.

Trashed is all about strategy with a little bit of luck thrown in. Players must think smart about which cards to pick up and which to trash. A great, easy-to-learn game for the whole family to enjoy, Trashed will also help kids practice turn-taking, good sportsmanship, sequencing skills, and number recognition.

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When you’re finished playing Trashed, the cards and instructions fit nicely into the trash can packaging, which even has a neat lid that snaps closed. With limited pieces and great packaging, the game is perfect for taking on-the-go when traveling, or even when dining out. Wherever you play, even if you just play one round, it takes care of the funk of waiting!