At face value, you might not expect the Transformers and Ghostbusters franchises to have much in common, but they do — particularly in a robust, expansive mythology that works together surprisingly well.

Both Hasbro‘s Transformers and Columbia Pictures’ Ghostbusters first captivated audiences in 1984, quickly cementing their places as pop culture icons. Now, the two have come together for an unexpected joint celebration of their 35th anniversary. Announced at Toy Fair, the Transformers x Ghostbusters collaboration launched this summer with the debut of Ectotron — a heroic Autobot with the unique ability to bust some ghosts. Produced by Hasbro, who acquired Kenner — makers of The Real Ghostbusters toys — in the 1990s, Ectotron is both a perfect throwback to where and when it all began, and a great toy for kids that are new to Transformers and Ghostbusters lore.

Transformers/Ghostbusters #3 - IDW Publishing

According to the new, combined lore as told in IDW Publishing’s Transformers/Ghostbusters mini-series, the destruction of the Transformers’ home planet of Cybertron had another element at play aside from the warring factions of Autobots and Decepticons — specifically, a supernatural influence from Gozer. Jumping ahead some years, when the Autobot Ectronymous Diamatron is sent to Earth by Optimus Prime, the first vehicle he happens to scan upon landing is the Ghostbusters’ famous Cadillac Miller-Metor, best-known as Ecto-1. Taking the vehicle’s form without knowing the uniqueness of said car, Ectotron attempts to hide in plain sight until the Ghostbusters express shock in seeing two Ecto-1’s in the midst of a battle against the ghost of Starscream.

Transformers Ectotron - Robot Mode

Designed for kids ages 8 and up, Hasbro’s Ectotron is a classic Transformer, right down to the Generation One (G1) inspired packaging and scale. Ectotron transforms from car into robot in 22-steps, and comes complete with a Transformers-style Proton Pack, and a Slimer figure.

Presented in 7-inch scale, Ectotron is highly-poseable, with multiple points of articulation for maximum Ghostbustin’ fun!

Ectotron Boxed

Available as a shared exclusive between Hasbro Pulse and GameStop, Ectotron might be a little hard to find, so keep an eye on local GameStop stores for your best spot at catching one. As promised during Toy Fair this year, the “Transformers Generations Collaborative” line is something that’s brand-new, and ripe for expansion. During Comic-Con International: San Diego (SDCC), the second Transformers x Ghostbusters mashup arrived in the form of the Ecto-35 — based on the classic G1 Optimus Prime.

Top Photo: Transformers’ Ectotron, photographed at Ghostbusters HQ — Hook and Ladder No. 8 — in NYC by The Rock Father