Music is a human universal that everyone should be able to enjoy.

Family folk duo Ants on a Log created an open call for the “Trans & Nonbinary Kids Mix,” a curated playlist of original songs from all different types of musicians to give trans/nonbinary youth a musical space to feel safe.

Kids’ artists, trans/nonbinary musicians, and cisgender allies were all invited to contribute, resulting in 21 songs that include danceable bops, powerful ballads, folk songs, hip-hop beats, and songs with nonbinary pronouns so that everyone can feel included.

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“Most people from marginalized communities can say that seeing themselves reflected in the media is an experience they have infrequently or never,” said Ants on a Log member Julie Be in a press release. “For many trans/nonbinary people, when they do see themselves in media, the images are negative, stereotypes, one-dimensional, or just few and far between. This compilation serves as a statement that we exist, and there is music that speaks our stories. The contributing musicians — who identify under the trans umbrella, as well as cisgender allies — have come together to reach out to trans/nonbinary youth and say, ‘I see you,’ and ‘You are not alone.’”

The playlist is available for free on Bandcamp, with all donations benefitting Camp Aranu’tiq, a summer camp for trans/nonbinary youth. There is also a GoFundMe campaign that supports the musicians and graphic artist Wriply Bennet, who created the cover art.

Check out the video below to learn more about the project.