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This soft plush ride-on makes real unicorn sounds and features a light-up horn, realistic reins, and soft unicorn hair. Kids can ride up to 2.5 mph. Its packaging doubles as a play stable.



Manufacturer: DYNACRAFT
MSRP: $149.99

12 Responses to “UNICORN 6V PLUSH RIDE-ON”

  1. We’ve had this for about 3 months, and now it will not work at all. Tried two different chargers and it still will not turn on. Very disappointed.

  2. Bonnie dibble

    This only worked for about a hour and stop I don’t know If it is the battery charger I tried to found one but can’t but I should not have to buy another one

  3. Kourtney Masterson

    Hey Everybody, we bought this for my niece and had the same charging problem, my dad turned it over and found a zipper on the “stomach” if you unzip it there should be a cord. Our’s was unplugged, so if you want to check and see if that is the problem you are welcome to the advice.

  4. Here it is Christmas morning, charged the unicorn all night and there is no power. My little girl’s present from Santa doesn’t even work. I am one unhappy momma this morning.

  5. Bryan Mayer

    Unicorn was working fine and then stopped working all together. Its fully charged and will not light up, play music, or run. I have no idea what is wrong with it. It was purchased new at Walmart and was in original packaging. It ran for about a day and then it didn’t work any longer

    • Marissa DiBartolo

      You should definitely reach out to Walmart or the manufacturer Dynacraft for assistance!

    • Same thing happened to my daughters. I bought her and she rode it once and it hasn’t worked since

  6. So cute in person! My daughter could not believe how soft Willow is. Has got to be the best Unicorn toy ever made!!!


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