A limited-run action figure collection that pairs up the monster-hunting heroes from Hawkins, Indiana, with the pizza-loving crime-fighters from New York City’s sewers. The Turtles come approximately styled, sporting red bandanas based on their look from the original 1984 comic book, pairing perfectly with the mid-’80s outfits worn by the Stranger THings characters. Choose from Leonardo and Eleven or Raphael and Hopper. Each figure in the collection stands six inches tall and is highly poseable with multiple points of articulation. Each Turtle comes with his weapon – twin katana for Leo and twin sai for Raph, as well as portable cassette players and waffle-throwing stars. The Stranger Things characters come with accessories featured in the TV series — Eleven comes with her signature backpack, handheld phone, and flashlight. Hopper comes with a spiked bat, an ax, a handgun, and a flashlight.