With exciting gameplay and bite-sized sequences, Tacto Coding helps early learners THINK code. Designed and created by coder parents. Tacto makes coding fun and easy through interactions with visual elements, not blocks of code. Kids drive the games on screen using real figurines. It’s hands-on play that turns the tablet into a coding adventure. Focus on more than just direction-based coding. Tacto incorporates the fundamental concepts of coding — input-output, loops, sequencing, decomposition, and branching. But with engaging and age-specific storytelling. There are three different games with more than 200 challenges that become increasingly difficult as kids play them. Includes two frames and five figurines (draw, rotate, slide, and two function figurines). Simply attach the two frames on the sides of the tablet and place the figurines in their slots. Spread happiness with Mr. Buffy or go on a treasure hunt with Moka-Ika!