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These squeezable collectibles produce a fun transformation as they slowly rise. The Sweet Shop collection features bakery products, including super squishy s’mores and cookies. The Gross Desserts collection features items from the Creepy Café that are made with disgusting details.



Manufacturer: ORB
MSRP: 5.99-14.99

5 Responses to “SOFT’N SLO SQUISHIES”

  1. Roseann Radosevich

    I have been in the toy industry for many many years. This concept of slow foam has been around forever. There is zero innovation here or even anything of value. I cannot believe this is considered in the “top ten” hottest toys. Very Sad commentary on the toy business.

    • I would agree however i had to pry these out of my kids hands the other day! They were obsessed with them!


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