Your home, your power, know how it works! Kids can build real, working circuits and learn how electricity in their home works. Screen-free, tactile, educational, and fun! Whether you live in a city skyscraper or a house in the country, our homes are powered by electricity, and it’s easy to learn about. Kids Build a house or city tower with real, working, 3D circuits, just like the ones they use every day. Answer questions including: How does the electric company get power to your house? How does power travel inside your walls? What happens when you turn on a light? What happens when the power goes out? What are fuses and circuit breakers and how do they work? Features approximately 60 parts and 25 projects; an illustrated, easy-to-use, full-color project manual; and seven colorful base grids to make the structure unique. Learn about circuitry, security systems, dimmer switches, automatic lights, alarms, motion detectors, fan speeds, appliance motors, generators, and much more!