Stretch it. Shape it. Slice It. Crush it! Kids can dive into a world of water play fun with SLIMYSAND Aqua Splash, the sensory play sand that’s stretchable and moldable in and out of water. Open up the reusable buckets, reach in, grab the SLIMYSAND Aqua Splash, and feel the difference — it molds like sand but stretches like SLIMYGLOOP. Fill up a bucket or bowl with water and begin molding, stretching, slicing, and crushing Aqua Splash under the water. Kids can pack and layer any color sand into the molds and then lift to reveal their creations. Use the intended tool to create cool impressions in the sand. When kids are finished playing, wring out the water from the sand and place inside the included playbox to air-dry and store in the included resealable bags.