Kids can create soothing sounds and effects with four products in this new line. The ASMR experience begins with the Sensory FX ASMR Bars when kids unwrap three layers. There are 10 sensory bars to collect and each one offers unique sounds, textures, and movements. Connect the bars together to make a customized sensory board and click, zip, or roll each bar to activate unique sounds. With the Sensory FX ASMR Pods, kids can collect 10 different tactile and acoustic experiences: Ball, Whirl, Grind, Tread, Spin, Sift, Extend, Roll, Pop, and Swivel. Each one starts with unwrapping and activates its unique sound when it’s pulled, pushed, twisted, or flipped. Kids can record their sensory experience with the Sensory FX ASMR Recorder Cube. It unfolds to reveal five exterior panels that kids can use to create unique sounds and movements. Fold it back up to take it on the go.