You can’t deny your family’s crazy, but you can laugh at the photographic evidence! In Jeff Foxworthy’s new game Relative Insanity See What I Mean?!, the Judge displays one of the hilarious Photo Cards. Roll the Die to see if you’ll caption it using a PUNCHLINE, WHAT HAPPENED NEXT or WHAT WOULD GRANNY SAY? Whichever one it is, you’re gonna read some funny captions! Then everyone else chooses one of their Caption Cards to play, and the Judge picks the funniest (Mom’s Favorite!), second funniest (Middle Child…meh) and, if it applies, a Black Sheep (a baaaa-aaad caption choice)! It’s a different, hilarious game each time it’s played, and it even includes some real photos of Jeff Foxworthy himself! For 4 to 12 Players Combined a top selling game and combined it with a top trend—memes.