This is not your regular globe, it doesn’t come with any names or borders. Instead, it has beautiful icons to represent each region. As kids scan these icons, 3D wonders pop up on their screens! Interact with more than 400 wonders across six categories: wildlife, culture, cuisine, inventions, monuments, and maps of various countries around the world. Learn about 1,000 amazing facts. Play a range of interactive games – take quizzes, solve adventurous mysteries, and maintain your own national park. Visualize the world in 3D, enhanced with engaging voices, stories, poems, and regional music. It has something to explore and learn for all ages. It Helps with geography and environmental science and also builds cultural sensitivity and world knowledge! Recommended for kids ages 4-10. Orboot Earth’s world tour comes with an awesome travel kit – passport, stamp, and lots of stickers. Download the Orboot Dinos app on a tablet or smartphone (works with a range of devices). The free companion app has no in-app purchases and after one-time setup, it doesn’t even require the internet to play.