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Product Description

This customizable robot is full of personality, and features a built-in HD camera, an articulated arm and gripping claw, two-way audio, and a microphone. Kids can control Mebo through an app, and access him remotely by connecting to his hotspot.



Manufacturer: SKYROCKET TOYS
MSRP: $149.99

5 Responses to “MEBO”

  1. I think it is great and fun but if you are looking for something to programs this will not do it it cannot be programmed which I think it should to teach kids the art of programming and all the cool things you can do with it. if you are looking for something to program get a sphero or a Ollie. I have a sphero sprk + and it is a lot of fun to program it to do things and since the sphero is waterproof the maker of sphero has started doing sphero boat competitions. So in all MeBo is a fun toy to dive but if you want something to program get a Ollie or a sphero

  2. Charles Givens

    MEBO is a piece of junk. Skyrocket Toys, LLC should be ashamed of themselves for even putting this piece of junk in their portfolio. Skyrocket Toys customer service is a joke. It’s a recorded message that tells you to leave a message with your contact information and that they will contact you within 2 days. Well, it’s been 2 months and still no call from customer service. BUYER BEWARE! Will change this to a positive comment if and when customer service calls me and fixes all the issues with this MEBO piece of JUNK! SHYROCKET TOYS, MAKE THIS RIGHT WITH ME! 🙁

  3. Looks like a great toy for all ages but I wouldasume that the price would higher thanks to robotic flaw and hd camera at least it works out for the public.


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