Introducing the most lifelike and expressive feeding baby doll, Mealtime Magic from the makers of Luvabella. Mealtime Magic is a brand-new feeding doll with hyper-realism, lifelike movement and interactivity, and a premium play experience. Mealtime Magic comes in two varieties: Mia and Maya. Mealtime Magic Mia has a magical moving mouth – feed her and she will react to the different combinations of food in fun and exciting ways. You will be able to tell what she likes, dislikes, and more. She is so expressive; she can even recognize and recall over 50+ food combinations. All the fun of feeding, no mixing, no mess! Mia also loves to play. Discover fun features like ‘Choo Choo Train’, ‘Racecar’, and ‘Airplane’. After feeding time, burb Mia and use her pacifier accessory to rock her to sleep.