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Product Description

This set comes with 62 colorful pieces, including 11 marbles. Kids can assemble and change up the configurations easily. Surprises include flashing lights, moving frogs’ eyes, and swirling funky pieces.



Manufacturer: B. TOYS
MSRP: $29.99

2 Responses to “MARBLE-PALOOZA”

  1. don janson

    do not buy with the idea that this can be assembled with a youngster without an engineering degree and the patience of a saint. will not remain intact wilst attempting to complete assembly. I regret buying this second only to trying to put this thing together. my grandkids will always remember this as the day grampa used many new words never heard before or since.

  2. This toy is pretty bad. The slightest touch and it falls apart. It takes two people to set it up. We have set it up about 9 times and it will not hold together. It frustrates my kids and me. I really want to return it.


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