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These interactive creatures have furry rainbow light-up tails, glowing eyes, and quirky sound effects and phrases. Kids can press the nose to switch between three different play modes. They also respond to touch and sound with more than 100 reactions.



Manufacturer: MATTEL
MSRP: $19.99

4 Responses to “LIL’ GLEEMERZ”

  1. I received a lil’ gleemerz from dresslily and it came without a battery and we have no idea what kind of batteries to buy for it. I’ve never seen one that will fit. I am very very angry about this.

  2. Debbie owens

    No batteries in lil gleemerz. Can’t find battery anywhere. Looked it up bought N battery and it was way to big. Never seen battery this small. Did I get ripped off

    • Michael G

      Lil Gleemerz uses standard AAA batteries. If you have one that uses smaller batteries than that, it is likely you bought a knock-off / counterfeit one. Where did you purchase it?

      • I bought two of these things and my hubby has looked everywhere for batteries but after reading the above comments I guess I can kiss my money goodbye


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