Got a wide age range of kids on your holiday shopping list? Toy Insider Senior Editor Marissa DiBartolo stopped by Fox 40 Sacramento to show off toys for kids of all ages. For more on the products featured in this segment, check out the notes below, and be sure to check out our complete holiday gift.

top plush toysBudsies (Budsies)

  • Parents can upload kids’ artwork to and the Budsies team hand-sews all the details to create a plush that looks exactly like the picture. Budsies lets kids turn their imaginative creations into new friends.
  • Ages: 3+
  • MSRP: $89.00

pjmaskhqplayset_just-playPJ Masks Headquarters Playset (Just Play)

  • The centerpiece of the PJ Masks toy line is the PJ Masks Headquarters Playset, which stands over two feet tall and has three character-themed levels filled with engaging kid-powered features.
  • The adventure begins with the light & sound PJ Picture Player where kids can choose their mission, and then recreate the action with the high flying zip line, working elevator, hanging cat rings, trap doors, and pop-out hatches.
  • The excitement continues as kids launch the included Cat Boy figure and Cat Car down the winding ramp” into the night to save the day”.
  • This super-powered playset brings all the show’s action to life with 360 degrees of play
  • Compatible with other PJ Masks 3” figures and vehicles, sold separately.
  • Ages: 3+
  • MSRP $69.99

hot-diggity-dancing-mickey-plush_just-playHot Diggity Dancin’ Mickey (Just Play)

  • This interactive plush features five sequences. Boogie to the beat of the iconic “Hot Dog” song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, choo choo like a train, soar like an airplane, and giggle at Mickey’s jokes. Give Mickey a high five after he wiggles, spins, and takes a bow.
  • Ages: 3+
  • MSRP: $39.99



trolls-keychains-zuruTrolls Keychains (Zuru)

  • Trolls Mega Keychains are super soft, super-sized 8-inch plush keychains that clip anywhere!
  • They easily attach to school bags, purses or keys and feature favorite characters from the DreamWorks Trolls
  • Each Trolls Mega Keychain comes with an exclusive comb to style the iconic Trolls mane for all occasions.
  • Collect all seven characters for hair-raising adventures!
  • Ages: 1+
  • MSRP: Single Pack, $9.99; 4-pack $34.99
  • Available: Amazon


shopkins-kinstructions-ice-cream-shoppe-the-bridge-directShopkins Kinstructions Ice Cream Shoppe (The Bridge Direct)

  • Now you can build the world of the cutest, most-collectible characters with the Shopkins Kin’struckins Ice Cream Shop!
  • Item comes with a buildable set and 6 buildable figures that you can mix and match!
  • Build, Shop and Kin’struct your Shopkins world! I
  • ncludes: 6 Buildable Figures, Set and Accessories. Figures included are Ice Cream Dream, Frogurt, Scoopy One, Coney, Moo Shake, Scoopy Two.
  • Ages: 6+
  • MSRP: $24.99

paper-plane-launcher-the-bridge-directPaper Plane Launcher (The Bridge Direct)

  • Now kids can rule the skies and launch paper planes to new heights with the ultimate SkyPaper Paper Plane Launcher.
  • The new SkyPaper PPL-1 high velocity launcher blasts paper planes up to 100 feet.
  • Stack up to 3 paper planes in the launcher for rapid fire multi-launch action.
  • Each SkyPaper PPL-1 comes with 24 do-it-yourself Paper Planes and easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Build the Glider Plane for speed and distance, or go for flair with the Stunt Plane.
  • Ages: 8+
  • MSRP: $24.99
  • Available: Amazon

mini-arcade-games_the-bridge-directMini Arcade Games (The Bridge Direct)

  • Pac-Man and Space Invaders are back!
  • The new line of Mini Arcade Games features classic arcade games, such as Pac-Man and Space Invaders.
  • These adorable arcade games are mini-sized with real-time game play. Use the joystick to move around the maze, but watch out for the ghosts of Pac-Man!
  • Beat the invasion with the joystick and move the laser cannon across the screen on Space Invaders to fire at the aliens!
  • Ages: 8+
  • MSRP: $19.99
  • Available: Amazon, Toys “R” Us, Walmart