Goal: $60,000
Funding Period: Through May 19
Creator: Toyish Labs Inc.

For kids who love creativity and make-believe, Toyish is a concept that allows them to unleash their inner toymaker.

Meant for ages 3 and up, Toyish is a hands-on kit that gives kids the power to design and create a toy from their own imaginations. First, kids choose a design from the Toyish coloring book to make their artwork. Then they slip the design in to the clear, cup-like capsule, connect the parts, and accessorize them.

In order to encourage active creativity over passive consumerism, the Toyish kits are designed to help grow kids’ attention spans and creative thinking skills at their own pace as they invent, create, and expand on their ideas—either individually or as a team.

The secret to Toyish’s connecting parts is a cylinder-shaped character with a magnetic core, and each kit comes with different piece options that can be attached and switched, even from kit to kit, so kids don’t have to be limited in what they can create. For more inventive fun, every set comes with changeable stickers and a stamp bit connector.

For now, Toyish is featuring four toymaking options: A race car, a helicopter (both of which come with a wheel base), a flamenco dancer, and a ballerina (both of which come with a stage to perform on). Each of these kits comes with a coloring play book that includes 27 coloring pages, four blank pages, three pre-designed pages, and 25 stickers. Toyish is also offering a Click N’ Stamp kit with two magnetic characters, three interchangeable stamp bits, and an ink pad. Also offered is an 18-by-24 Toyish coloring poster, exclusive to this Kickstarter campaign.

Donations range from $1 to $5,000 and prizes include digital posters, original Toyish shirts, the exclusive coloring poster, the Click N’ Stamp kit, the Race Car kit, and the Flamenco Dancer kit.

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