Toy Story Slinky Dog Water Blaster

The first day of summer is June 21, which just so happens to coincide with the release of Toy Story 4. Coincidence? Who knows, but what I do know is the perfect way to celebrate both momentous occasions: the Toy Story Slinky Dog Water Blaster, from SwimWays.

It’s modeled after Toy Story’s Slinky Dog, except the slinky part is encased in a clear plastic tube. Kids ages 4 and up can dip Slinky Dog’s mouth into a pool or a bucket of water and pull his hind legs back to suck the water into the tube. It also makes him look pretty funny, like an extra-long Weiner dog, because he doubles in length when the tube is pulled back. Since the tube is translucent, kids can get an inside look at how the water gets drawn into the tube, something that they usually can’t see in other water blasters.

When kids are ready to squirt an unsuspecting victim, all they have to do is push Slinky Dog’s legs forward to release the water, which shoots a stream up to 30 feet away. Parents can get more than one so kids can blast each other, or just mix it in with whatever water blasters they already have at home to give kids different options.

I like how Slinky Dog has flexible plastic ears and a springy tail, too. Kids can even play with it like they would an action figure: in or out of the water.

It’s also small enough for kids to easily pack it up and take on a summer vacation to add some entertainment to a pool or beach day. It’s a simple and fun water toy that kids can enjoy all summer long, and the Toy Story factor just makes it that much more exciting.