Hot Wheels cars are a staple in most American households. Kids love the collectability element, the super awesome details, and, of course, the endless track options. Parents undoubtedly love the low price point, the easy accessibility, and the name recognition: Hot Wheels is a brand they know and one they can trust. But, some kids want something a bit more high-tech and flashy than a classic 1:64-scale car. Through a new partnership with Toy State, kids and parents can now get everything they want, including a name they trust and features that stand out.

Toy State manufactures highly stylized lights and sound toy vehicles. The agreement with Mattel, which kicks off this year and runs through 2016, will bring Toy State’s innovative, flashy designs to Hot Wheels cars in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Asia Pacific Region.

Extreme Action Sharkruiser

The Hot Wheels Extreme Action assortment includes vehicles that are anything but average. These motorized luxury vehicles feature extreme action and themed music. Available in three unique styles, the cars feature silver detailing and tons of movement. Kids can watch the glowing eyes and moving spider legs on the Street Creeper, the chomping/glowing jaw on the Sharkruiser and the stinging front pinchers and tail movement on the Scorpedo. And at just $12.99, these cars make the perfect gift for any family on a budget.

Hyper Racer Spin King

For kids who love light up toys, the Hot Wheels Hyper Racer assortment features two cars, Yur So Fast and Spin King, that have LED lights throughout the body. The glowing LEDs change the color of the car in hyper mode, and both cars play high-energy action music. Kids simply press the Hot Wheels button to activate the drive sequence. Much bigger than your standard Hot Wheels car, these vehicles weigh in at just $14.99.

Hot Wheels Energy Can R/C are affordable, 5-inch, full-function R/C cars. More of a novelty item than a high-tech R/C, the cars are packaged in really cool energy cans. Kids can turn the grip handle on top and pull to reveal the R/C car inside. Best of all? The tiny remote control is located on the bottom of the can. Kids just press a button to release it and they are ready to ride. Kids can collect all four brightly colored cars, including 24 Ours, Baja Truck, Bad-to-the-Blade, and Bone Shaker. The car and the remote control each require two triple-A batteries—so be sure to have a small supply on-hand to get racing.

All of these vehicles are packaged in try me packaging featuring the iconic orange and blue Hot Wheels colors—allowing kids to get hands-on experience with some of the great light up and sound elements. Toy State is sure to kick into gear in 2014 with these and more Hot Wheels-branded rides that are currently available at Toys “R” Us, Walmart, Target, and Kmart nationwide (in-store only!).