Hot-Wheels-High-Jump-Stunt--pTRU1-18008640dtSome of the most popular R/C cars and trucks are known for being fast and reckless, but Toy State is giving kids something totally different with it’s new Hot Wheels High Jump Frenzy R/C. As you may have guessed, the “wow” factor here is that this car really jumps, but (spoiler alert) it does a lot more than that!

The High Jump Frenzy jumps over 1 foot, completes 360-degree spins and flips, and can be steered left and right, forward and reverse like those regular R/C cars using just a few buttons. The controller doesn’t have fancy switches or a million confusing flashing lights and buttons, so while the age suggestion is ages 8 and up, I think kids as young 6 won’t have a problem getting the hang of it after a few rounds of trial and error.

The controls include Forward and Reverse, Spin Left and Right, a Load button and a Jump button. I love that because it only takes three easy steps to learn to jump, yet anyone who’s watching will have no idea how you did it. On the bottom of the vehicle is a jump up lever, but kids will only have to worry about using the controller and making sure they’re not jumping the High Jump Frenzy near anything breakable. Once kids get the car to jump, they will see how it somersaults through the air, and while the landing may be hard to stick at first, with a little practice kids will become pros.

And for parents, one of the great things about this Toy State vehicle is that it only requires 3 AAA batteries and a short charge for maximum play time. And, if you’re having any trouble with the vehicle there are great troubleshooting suggestions right in the instructions, so you don’t have to wait forever trying to get in touch with a customer service representative. The instructions also include tips for caring for the R/C vehicle so you can ensure that your kid’s new favorite toy lasts.