Unboxing collectibles gets a crash-tastic update with Smash Crashers from Just Play. Designed for kids ages 5 and up, Smash Crashers are gross-themed, collectible figures. hidden inside trucks.

Each Smash Crashers pack comes with one figure kids can see, and two hidden inside a truck with working wheels. When kids crash the front of the truck into something, the back will pop open and send two small crates flying with a satisfying “crash.”

Inside each of the crates, kids will find another Smash Crashers figure, bringing their total to three figures per pack.

There are 12 different trucks to collect, each with a unique color and themed name, including “Haulin Oates,” “Swill Bill,” and “Highway Henry.”

There are a total of 50 different figures to collect, at different levels of rarity. Each set comes with a collector’s guide, so kids can keep track of which figures they’ve discovered. The figures are squishy, “gross” versions of everyday objects, and they fall into eight themes—janky junkyard, grossout garage, back breakers, bathroom brigade, horrible housewares, schoolyard scrappers, barfing bedroom (rare), and edgy electronics (special edition).

The figures each have a hole in their bottom, and the truck features three pegs on its top where kids can display the figures.

Unlike some unboxing toys, kids can re-set and re-crash their Smash Crashers over and over again. Once the crates are out, kids can reset the trigger in the back of the truck, re-place the crates, and close the back of the truck. Then, they can crash the truck and see the crates fly again.

Kids will find many ways to play with this set, from displaying the figures, to rolling the truck, to resetting the crates for endless crashing!