FanTOYstic Fridays is BACK!


We’re giving away a box FULL of toys valued at more than $300 every Friday on Twitter. We know you want to win, so here’s how you play:

STEP 1: Find a FanTOYstic toy! Each week on our website, there will be three FanTOYstic toys that will feature the FanTOYstic badge on their reviews (Here is it again, just for reference!). Pro tip: It’s one of the below toys, so click on the product images to see which reviews feature that badge!

STEP 2: CLICK THAT BADGE! We’ve already got your entry tweet ready to go! A sample tweet will pop up and all you have to do is tweet it from your account. You’ve entered! So simple!

STEP 3: Share with your friends! Everyone loves free toys!

As if there wasn’t enough reason to TGIF, FanTOYstic Fridays gives you a chance to win a box full of toys featuring ALL of these toys below:

ZB Freestyle Board slider copy

ZB Freestyle Board (Tucker Toys)

With the ZB Freestyle Board, kids can get air in a whole new way. The board, complete with a dual-sided deck and high-bounce ball that allows for new tricks, combines action sports toys with skateboarding and parkour. The ZB Freestyle Board is designed to be used indoors and outdoors, for ollies, 360s, and other tricks on almost any surface, including grass. Featuring both grip tape and a textured surface to provide the traction you need to handle all types of freestyle moves.



La Ferrari (Bburbago)

Bburago roars into the lead with its model of LaFerrari, the most extreme production Ferrari ever made. Kids can lift the engine cover to view the powerful mid-mounted V12 and the hybrid running gear. Admire the striking and innovative styling that surrounds the finest expression of the marque’s technical capabilities. They can also open the angle-hinged doors to view the detailed interior. With this Bburago model, kids (and collectors) can have a Ferrari of their very own.



Twister Moves Skip-It Game (Hasbro)

Get ready to skip with the Twister Moves Skip-It Game. The built-in counter keeps track as players skip to beat their best score. Plus, use the Twister Moves Moves Tracker (sold separately) to digitally track skips and combine scores across the Twister Moves system.


Nissan_Wheelie Power_white

Road Rippers Wheelie Power—Nissan 370Z

With this awesome Nissan-branded motorized vehicle, kids can cruise with exciting wheelie action. Designed for kids ages 3 and up, The Road Rippers Wheelie Power—Nissan 370Z features flashing lights, realistic sounds, and music effects with just the press of a button.



DohVinci Color Mixer Kit (Hasbro)

Remix your creativity by creating custom color mixes with the DohVinci Color Mixer kit. Now any Deco Pop tube can be refilled into a unique color mix. Simply pop the plug out of an empty tube, twist the wheel to choose a color, then press. Kids can add as many colors as they’d like! Once the mix is created, pop the tube into the Styler, then aim, squeeze, and design with swirls of color.



Max Tow Truck Mini Haulers Rev ‘n Tow Packs (Jakks Pacific)

Jakks’ Max Tow Truck has gone mini with the all-new Mini Haulers. They can push and pull up to 4 pounds, which is 25 times their own weight. The Mini Haulers can climb vertically up steel surfaces. Kids can see how much they can haul with the included trailer and accessories, and try to collect them all!



Beasts Alive: K’NEXosaurus Rex Building Set (K’NEX)

This building set contains more than 200 pieces and a battery-powered motor, letting kids build their own amazing dinosaur that comes to life. The set also includes instructions for a second model of a Megasaurus. The rods and connectors are all made in the U.S., and this building set is perfect for dino lovers ages 7 and up.



Puppy Surprise Caramel (Just Play)

The popular ’90s sensation is back! Puppy Surprise features a mommy dog with a surprise number of puppies in her litter. The new, revamped collection from Just Play features Caramel, who has colorful hair and a tie-dyed coat, just like her matching pups! Kids can love, groom, and nurture their puppies. Each plush mommy comes with either three, four, or five puppies inside.



Scrabble Junior Game

The Scrabble Junior kid-sized words and colorful pictures make it fun for young Scrabble game fans to match letter tiles to words on the grid. Players move their tokens including Wacky Wordy, Word Surfer, Letter Sprinter, or DJ Word up the score track as they score points. When all of the tiles have been placed on the board, the player with the most points wins! To keep the fun going as kids grow, just turn the board over for the advanced level where it’s time for players to come up with their own words.



Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster

Unleash a sweeping zombie-blasting defense with the Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury blaster! It features two flipping drums that each hold six Zombie Strike darts, allowing players to fire up to 12 darts without reloading and clear the battlefield of zombies!



Go! Go! Smart Friends Busy Sounds Discovery Home (VTech Toys)

Kids can explore the Go! Go! Smart Friends Busy Sounds Discovery Home with Miss Norah and her puppy. The interactive house features seven MagicPoint locations that encourage imaginative play and emphasize cause-and-effect relationships. Kids can place Miss Norah on one of the MagicPoint locations to experience her friendly personality, motion, lights, and more. When they put Miss Norah in the elevator it magically moves up and down. Miss Norah can MagicChat with other MagicPoint characters in the playroom, allowing them to chat and sing with each other.



Cargo Plane (Laser Pegs)

Kids can become a world-class pilot with the 12-in-1 Cargo Plane kit from Laser Pegs. They can choose from an array of aircraft models to build, including the Aurora Stealth Fighter, the Communications Jet, the Strike Eagle, the Delta Wing Fighter, and more. With the included Laser Pegs, kids can light up their creations. Laser Pegs sets are 100-percent compatible with other major construction kits.



FurReal Friends Lil’ Big Paws Assortment (Hasbro)

Kids can celebrate adorable, laugh-out-loud pet moments with the FurReal Friends Lil’ Big Paws assortment. Each pet in this fun-filled line has its own unique and hilarious interactive play feature. The collection includes the Peek-A-Boo Daisy pet, a curious kitty that plays peek-a-boo; the DJ Howler pet, a rambunctious husky puppy that howls; and the Tug ‘n Luv Bouncy pet, an energetic puppy that can’t wait until you play tug of war with her. Additional pets will be introduced in the fall including the Treat Time Frankie pet, a French bulldog pup with a taste for sweets, and the Sneezy Kiki Koala pet, an adorable friend from down under with a cold. Each pet comes complete with its very own feeding accessory. Each FanTOYstic Fridays prize box includes one pet (randomly selected).



Jurassic World Chomping Dino Head (Hasbro)

Kids can pretend to explore as the king of the Jurassic World dinosaurs using the Chomping Dino Head hand puppet. Fans can slip on the easy-to-use hand puppet and pretend to become a Tyrannosaurus Rex or a Velociraptor predator, chomping down on Jurassic World figures and vehicles (sold separately!). Other Jurassic World role-play items are also available!



Jurassic World Tyrannosaurs Rex (Hasbro)

Even the youngest Jurassic World fans can get in on the dino-chomping action. This T-rex features light-ups eyes and roaring action, and includes a human figure and a capture cuff to track the dino. But humans beware: The head-chomping T-rex might gobble up the figure first!



Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Swirl ‘n Scoop Ice Cream Playset (Hasbro)

Kids can make their wackiest ice cream dreams a reality with crazy clown sundaes, bonkers banana splits, and any other cool creations they can imagine! Create classic silly sundaes with the scoops, while the easy-squeeze handle helps little hands make swirly Play-Doh Plus soft-serve ice cream. Don’t forget to pile on the pretend sprinkles and Play-Doh candy treats using the half-molds. When the sweet-looking masterpieces are ready, display them on the shelves for all to see. Don’t worry—they won’t melt!

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