New York Toy Fair 2018

The Toy Association‘s New York Toy Fair will take place from Feb. 17 through 21 this year—and we’re covering all of the action! Be sure to follow @TheToyInsider on Twitter and Instagram, like The Toy Insider on Facebook, and check back here to see what’s trending!

Top Toy Trends of 2018

GROSS-OUT GAMES: Poop, Slime, Snot, and More!

OUTRAGEOUS OUTDOOR TOYS: Bubbles, Scooters, Balls, oh my!

COOLEST CRAFTS: JoJo Siwa Bows, Unicorn Keychains, and SLIME!

MARVELOUS MUSIC TOYS: Karaoke Machines and Singing Collectibles!

MUST-HAVE COLLECTIBLES: Jumbo Squish-Dee-Lish, Mighty Mugz, and More!

GEEKY GOODNESS: Marvel, Stranger Things, Star Wars!

PET FRENZY: Pet Toys Your Kids Will Love!

SPECTACULAR STEM: Magnetic Construction, Science Collectibles, DIY Hexbugs!

7 Responses to “New York Toy Fair 2018”

  1. Penny E Ward

    I saw some of items on Better Connecticut and on the internet also some items I would like to get for my nieces and nephews is their any out on sale now and where can you buy them I would appreciate it thanks.

    • Marissa DiBartolo

      Hi Penny!

      Most of the toys we showed on Better Connecticut are not out until the fall, around August! Here’s a list of toys that are currently available: You can buy Relative Insanity now on Amazon, LEGO Brick Headz at major retailers, and FurBabies are out in March.


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