You know them and you love them—so much that the trouble-making Minions from the first two Despicable Me movies are starring in their own animated film, coming out on July 10. I think it’s safe to say that Minions have officially taken over my life, from being on my banana stickers and subway advertisements to being featured on a Snapchat filter and on Tic Tacs. Most importantly, they are overflowing the aisles with awesome toys. So sit back, relax, have a banana, and take a look at this list of my favorite Minions products:

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Talking Minion Action Figures and Interactive Plush Action Figures (Thinkway Toys)

These are the closest things to a real Minion that kids can get. These guys goof off and have real sound effects and signature sayings in their original voices. The Talking Minion Action Figures can move their heads, open and close their eyes, and can look around. Their soft upper bodies and poseable arms make them the perfect companion to every minion fan! Plus, the Interactive Plush Minion Action Figures are the epitome of true rock stars. Rock ‘n Roll Stuart knows how to jam out on his electric guitar, while Sing ‘n Dance Bob grooves to the sweet beats. Each interact with you or they can react to each other (!!!). If you haven’t seen Stuart sing his heart out and Bob dancing to his beat, then you haven’t seen true happiness.


Kevin Giant Character with Built-In Storage Area (Jakks Pacific)

This giant action figure is everything a Minion fan could ever dream of and more. Everyone knows that Kevin is the leader of the group, and he acts as the protector to little Bob and wild Stuart. He’s the one who leads the others to save the Minion tribe. Kevin stands 20 inches tall and the detail from head to toe on him is impeccable. All I need to say is thank you, Jakks Pacific, for creating something so amazing. If you don’t want a 2-foot tall Minion with built-in storage, then you’re doing it wrong.


Mega Bloks Minions Supervillain Jet (Mega Brands)

Mega Bloks, from Mega Brands, has come out with a very extensive Minions line of exclusive buildable play sets based on the upcoming movie. They let you recreate all of your favorite Minions moments, or wreak some minion havoc of your own. One of my favorites is the Supervillain Jet, a glorious 472-piece set. Not only is it a blast to build (ha ha, get it?), but it features MOVABLE PARTS. The cockpit and canopy open, the two side launchers actually blast pieces, a working ejector seat sends your Minions flying, and a trap door with a cord so your Minions can rappel to safety. If you’re saying, “pinch me, I must be dreaming,” then I must remind you that this isn’t a dream and completely real. You can read more of me freaking out about this set in my full review here!

Layout 1Minions Goggle Swim Mask and Goggle Kickboard (Skyrocket Toys)

Skyrocket Toys has kids covered for some of my favorite water toys I have seen all year. With the Minions Goggle Swim Mask, kids can pretend they are their favorite Minions characters. It’s shaped just like the signature eye wear that the Minions have and is perfect to wreak havoc with underwater. If it was socially acceptable, I would probably be walking around every day with them on. A kickboard is one of the essential accessories for pool or ocean play, and the best way to make it more snazzy is with a special Minion touch. Kids can see through the kickboard with the special porthole built into the kickboard in the shape of the Minion’s eye!! Come on, tell me this isn’t the most genius thing you’ve ever heard.

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Minions Collection (Build-a-Bear)

It doesn’t get much more special than picking out a Minion, stuffing him, and giving him a heart and personality to make him truly yours (am I the only one tearing up here?!). At Build-a-Bear, kids can make their own one of a kind, exclusive Minion. Kids can choose from Kevin, Bob, and Stuart, and the only thing cuter than the three brothers themselves are all of the available accessories to go along with them. In true Build-a-Bear fashion, the Minions can be accessorized with original sounds and voices from the movie, accessories such as a guitar and banana, and outfits from the film such as a hippie costume, vampire costume, and their signature denim overalls and rubber boots.


Pop! Movies: Minions (Funko)

I haven’t met a Pop! Vinyl that I didn’t like, and these are no exception. Funko has captured the Minions in different settings as the trio is trekking through different terrains and time periods in these new figures. Asking me to pick which one of the five is my favorite is like asking which one of my future children would be my favorite: You just can’t do it. They also come in Mystery Minis Blind Boxes, with even more characters to choose from.

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Minions Bike Helmet and Safety Pads (Skyrocket Toys)

If only I was a kid again, I would cruise all day long on my bike and wear these Minions helmets and safety pads. (I’d do it now, but they’re kid-sized, and would provide no actual safety value for my adult-sized head, knees, and elbows.) The helmets are in the signature yellow color of the Minions, and have the cutest design. It also comes in two styles, with one eye or two, so kids can choose whatever style they want. Plus, the elbow and knee pads feature high-impact skid guards, so they are super safe!


Minions Flying Heroes (The Bridge Direct)

Up, up, and away! The Minions are now ready to take flight! These Flying Heroes feature Bob, Kevin, or Stuart and can fly up to 20 feet in the air—YEAH YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY! All you have to do is attach the Minion to the launcher, pull the cord, and watch them zoom into the air over and over again. The launcher is super easy to hold and characters fly different heights each time, showing that it’s just as unpredictable as the Minions are!

Crayola Minions Color Wonder

Minions Color Wonder Mess Free Markers and Stampers (Crayola)

These sets are PERFECT for the little ones to let the true artist within them shine!! Each set comes with 18 coloring pages with Minions artwork. The Color Wonder markers and stampers only work on the special paper, so even if they’re trying to be trouble makers like their favorite Minions, then the markers or stamps won’t color on skin, furniture, or fabric (cue the huge sigh of relief from all Moms and Dads right now).