The following is a list of products that are super awesome that will be on shelves to coincide with the June 12 theatrical release of Jurassic World in order to improve your quality of life. It is also a completely embarrassing show of fangirl-ing on my part. You’re welcome.


Lego Jurassic World Raptor Rampage set (Lego)

Lego has a whole line of Jurassic World construction sets that let you recreate all of your favorite Jurassic World moments, or go on some dino adventures of your own. This set features three characters from the movie—including Owen, played by Chris Pratt—Owen’s sweet motorcycle, and a big vet unit truck with a removable trailer for all sorts of Jurassic fun. However, the absolute best part of this set, and all of the Lego Jurassic World sets, is that it comes with collectible, buildable dinos; in the case of Raptor Rampage, two raptors (duh). You can check out my full review of this Raptor Rampage set here! 



LEGO Jurassic World video game (TT Games)

Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, and dinosaurs, oh my! There are SO many different kinds of prehistoric creatures in this video game—and they’re all in Lego form! Lego Jurassic World, from TT Games, in collaboration with The Lego Group and Warner Bros. Entertainment, lets you play through storylines from ALL. FOUR. JURASSIC. MOVIES. These stories are reimagined into TT Games’ signature Lego humor storytelling that you’ll recognize from their Lego Batman video games. Oh, wait, and one more thing: YOU GET TO PLAY AS THE FREAKING DINOSAURS. I know you just immediately went out to buy it so I don’t feel like I have to go into more detail, but you can check out the trailer below anyway. See you on Islas Nublar and Sorna. You can check out my full review of this video game here! 



Jurassic World 1:16 RC Jeep Wrangler (Jada Toys)

It’s hard to think “Jurassic Park” without also thinking “Jeep Wrangler,” and my ’90s girl nostalgia is FREAKING OUT about this awesome Jeep. Jada Toys has got your R/C needs covered for outrunning the dinos that roam the park with this Jurassic World 1:16 RC Jeep Wrangler. Yeah, that’s right: This Jeep is off-road inspired with styling cues directly from the movie, so it’s just as good as the real thing to take you on your Park exploring adventures. Also, parents, this is an awesome way to get your kids in on the Jeep Wranglin’ fun without having to purchase expensive ride-ons, or worry about their safety if a dino flips the Jeep. It’s a tough world out there in Jurassic Park, make sure you can navigate it safely.



Jurassic World Chomping Indominus Rex Figure (Hasbro)

The leading lady of the Jurassic World film comes to life in this super cool action figure. She may be a science experiment gone wrong, but this vicious gal is the ultimate prehistoric predator, and now kids can have their very own. This figure features chomping action, roaring sound effects, and color-morphing skin. I’m sorry—I don’t think you heard me: She has COLOR-MORPHING SKIN. Yeah, you can go buy yours now before I own all of them. Who run the (Jurassic) world? Girls.



Jurassic World Monopoly (USAopoly)

Jurassic World Monopoly—which, like, what?! Incredible—gives fans more dinosaurs, more attractions, and lots of buying and selling as they attempt to rule Jurassic World (to which I say, yes please!). The game has six great collectible tokens, including a DNA sequence, a park vehicle, a T-Rex skull (!!!), a founder statue, an entrance gate, and a helicopter. There’s also Jurassic World money and a custom Jurassic World dinosaur-inspired gameboard, so it’s not just the same ol’ Monopoly game that’s already in your game closet. Now if only John Williams’ beautiful Jurassic Park theme song played as you opened the box…



Jurassic World Puzz3D (Cardinal Games)

So the beautiful people at Cardinal are giving you the opportunity to build your own T-rex. Yeah. Build. Your own. T-rex. This 3-D puzzle is not only a fun challenge to put together, but it also results in a 22-inch long 3-D T-rex that you can display anywhere, in case you don’t talk about dinosaurs as much as I do so your co-workers, family, friends, strangers on the subway, etc., are less aware of how much you love them. It also has foam backing for a sturdy display once it’s built. Plus, 3-D puzzles help build kids’ concept of spatial reasoning and other STEM concepts, so learning! Oh, and it’s a 3-D T-rex puzzle. I mean, come on. Don’t act like you’re not impressed.



Jurassic World Role-Play (Hasbro)

So remember when five paragraphs earlier it was the coolest thing in the world that you could play as the dinosaur in the new Lego video game. Well, Hasbro’s also letting kids (read: everyone) be the dinosaur in real life! They’ve got a ferocious line of Jurassic World role-play items, including dinosaur head hand puppets that come in both T-rex and Velociraptor forms. And if that’s not enough to satiate carnivorous instincts, you can pair your dino head hand puppet with the Raptor Claws. Yeah, that’s right. Raptor claws.



Playskool Heroes Jurassic World Tyrannosaurus Rex (Hasbro)

This baby is the PERFECT way to get your little one to see how amazingly cool dinosaurs are from a young age. Sure, they may not be old enough to see the movie, but they can get in on the Jurassic World fun like their older siblings—and, let’s be real, parents—with the Playskool Heroes Jurassic World Tyrannosaurus Rex figure. Even though she’s still not the nicest dinosaur, she’s a bright green color, and much less intimidating than that Indominus Rex figure above to make her more approachable and friendlier for younger fans. This T-rex comes with a human figure and a capture cuff, so kids can try to track and capture the big ol’ dino, but they need to watch out! This gal’s got head-chomping action that lets her gobble that human figure right up. And truthfully, that’s the most fun part of all. Read Marissa DiBartolo’s full review of this T-rex here!