Rain or shine, it’s time to shred.

Designed for kids ages 4 and up, Tony Hawk Box Boarders are new collectibles from Hog Wild, in partnership with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk. Each action pack includes two Box Boarders, a camera holder, and four mini ramps.

Instead of using a set of wheels to cruise around, Box Boarders utilize a steel ball bearing to twist and turn on any smooth surface. A cardboard box character sits on top of each plastic board and ball bearing, giving kids 12 characters — and four mystery Tony characters — to collect. Kids can get their hands on skaters such as Tony Hawk, Lizzie Armanto, Shaun Hale, and Thalente Biyela.

Collectors can create their very own skate park with the four included mini ramps, each of which feature graffiti markings and stickered designs. To set up a ramp, kids can simply bend the paper ramp, tape the seams, and place the included felt disc or “huck puck” behind it to adjust the ramp’s incline.

For even more fun, kids can download the free Tony Hawk Box Boarders Studio app, which lets skaters film their sessions and easily share them with friends after adding effects, filters, and slow-motion. The app is perfect for filming epic stunts with the Tony Hawk Box Boarders Super Pack, which includes a kidney bowl, four trick ramps, three riders, a secret Tony rider, and a clip-on fish-eye lens so kids can capture all of the action in frame. Box Boarders Super Packs include a bowl, four trick ramps, three riders and a secret Tony alongside a clip-on fisheye lens.

Box Boarders provide a fun twist on skateboard toys kids can control with their fingers. The variety of the characters makes them exciting to collect, and kids will spend hours perfecting their stunts and tricks. An easy summer travel toy, Box Boarders are great for keeping kids entertained on the go.