Kids love trucks. From school buses and fire trucks to garbage trucks and bulldozers, kids are wowed by these big machines and all of their power. They are fascinated by the cool things that these vehicles can do. So, why not bring one home, sized just for them?

Enter: the Tonka 12V Mighty Dump Truck, from Dynacraft. This ride-on dump truck puts kids right into the front seat of a mighty construction vehicle. It’s a large, heavy-duty vehicle can cruise up to 5 mph (nothing too crazy), so it’s super safe for younger kids ages 3 and up.

There are two seats—with seatbelts of course—so kids can bring a friend or sibling along for the drive. They will feel like real truck drivers with the authentic truck sound effects. Not only does this battery-operated truck drive forward, backward, left, and right, it also features a working dump truck function.

With an easy push of a button, kids can tilt over the yellow dump bed for awesome construction action. In fact, the whole truck is pretty easy for little ones to control. Plus, it has a horn for fun sound effects.

#ParentingHack: Your kids can use their fun new truck to help you do some yard work. You can fill up the dump bed with things you need moved across the lawn, and have them help you transport it. (It can carry up to 11 lbs, so that’s an impressive amount of plants or lawn foliage.) Plus, with the working dump truck function, they’ll have tons of fun emptying it out on the other side.