Make any smartphone or tablet into a greenhouse with Toca Lab: Plants from Toca Boca.

New from Toca Boca’s line of popular educational apps, Toca Lab: Plants is a fun way to help kids learn more about the science of nurturing and growing plant life.

Kids will start with one digital plant, which they can interact with by touching the surface around it, and watch it frolic around the terrain. But the real fun comes from taking it to one of five different stations to help it grow and even produce new seeds for newer plants.

The grow light can brighten up a plant’s day with three different brightness settings to expose them to. Plants can be placed in the watering tank where players can see how they react to being submerged in water. The nutrition station features three different types of plant food. Users can see which type of food they like and which ones they don’t. The cloning machine allows players to make five little seedlings of one of their fully grown plants which can grow into their own full-sized plants. Lastly, the crossbreeding apparatus lets players fuse any two plants together to create their own new species.

Toca Lab: Plants is an excellent way to introduce kids to the world of botany. Though there are no specific instruction on how to get new plants, players are free to experiment with as many different scientific processes as they want to see what their plants like until they find one. Every time a new plant is discovered, it’s recorded in a special journal with its real scientific name and normal name so that kids can research the plant on their own and learn more about it. Fiddling with the various stations is key to finding new plans and adds to the fun of experimentation. With several different plant types available to discover, kids will get a kick out of finding new types and exploring the nuances of plant life.

To help kids get started, parents and caregivers can check out the “For Parents” tab in the corner of the start screen, which features a short introduction and comprehensive tutorial on the game.

To help your kids see if they have a green thumb, look no further than Toca Lab: Plants to sow the seeds!