I’m always a fan of toys that encourage kids to use their imaginations and create their own personal, unique play experience. Some products tell kids how to play, while other toys simply provide them with the tools they need to visualize and explore on their own.

Shellraiser & Garbage Truck

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shellraiser (pun!) to Recycle Truck, from Playmates Toys, is one of those toys. It’s simple, fun, and leaves plenty of room for imagination.

Made of hard plastic and painted a handful of different colors, the Shellraiser to Recycle Truck does what its name hints at: it transforms from one vehicle to another. Essentially two different vehicles in one, it’s pretty much a BOGO deal that never expires. The set even comes with an exclusive Donnie minifigure, so kids can complete missions with the help of their own personal sidekick. The wheels are also made of plastic, making it an easy ride across different types of surfaces.

How to Mutate

Built within a frame, the main unit can be flipped inside out in order to transition from one vehicle to the next. And to my surprise, doing so was incredibly simple. In just a matter of seconds, kids will have no problem mutating from Shellraiser to Recycle Truck, providing them with a versatile vehicle fit for handling mutant mischief. Cowabunga, dude!

The Shellraiser to Recycle Truck is a fun and effective toy with its own little wow factor. It’s a simple product, but that doesn’t mean it’s not so.turtley.awesome.