Cow. A. Bunga. Dude.

I thought that TMNT life couldn’t get any better after last year’s Giant Leonardo Playset. Boy was I wrong.

This year, Playmates Toys introduces the Half-Shell Headquarters Playset. From Playmates’ TMNT Half-Shell Heroes line designed for preschoolers, this play set is designed for kids ages 3 and up, so even the littlest fans can go on exciting sewer adventures.

This play set features four levels of Ninja Turtle greatness, each packed with fun surprises and features for Turtles lovers to discover. Trap doors and secret entrances help the Turtles either capture Shredder and his gang, or run to safety. There are launch traps that will send enemies flying, as well as a wheel that allows you to send enemies to jail, or the Turtles on a ride in the included barrel cart.

This set stands more than a foot tall, and can easily open up to 20 inches wide by just pulling on Ralph’s hand to extend the play. When you’re done playing, simply close it back up for easy storage.

Other features include a fridge and a pizza oven, so our Turtle friends will never be without their favorite food. It also comes with Raphael and Bebop figures, as well as a barrel cart so that kids can get started on their adventure before they collect the rest of the Turtle gang. Since it’s part of the Half-Shell line, all of the colors are incredibly bright, and all of the figures feature fun and friendly faces.

The best part of this play set is the amount of imaginative play that it promotes, without any fancy tech and no batteries required. All of the fun traps, twists, and turns keep kids entertained for hours, but it’s still simple play that encourages them—above all else—to get creative and tell stories. They can reenact their favorite Turtle moments, or make up their own adventures. This play set is sure to have even the youngest of Turtle fans yelling, “Booyakasha!”

**Half-Shell Heroes Half-Shell Headquarters Playset coming this fall!