Redwood Ventures’ T.L.C. Kritters need kids’ tender love and care.

Kids ages 6 and up take on the job of caring for these blind box, collectible baby animals daily. When they unwrap the kritters’ incubator, they’ll find two packages: one with the newborn animal and the other with surprise accessories.

Each incubator comes with one of eight newborn animals in series 1, including the polar bear Sofie Snowball, the cat Winston Whiskers, and the rabbit Luna Lopsy. The mini figures are articulated for play and storage — or sleep — in the incubator box.

To reveal the accessories, new pet parents submerge the second packet into icy water and watch as it dissolves to reveal the gender of the baby animal, the adorable headband or bib, a pacifier, a bottle or medicine dropper, a birth certificate, a collector’s guide, and a newborn animal log.


Redwood Ventures T.L.C. Kritters Winston Whiskers

After dressing the baby kritter, kids can fill the medicine dropper or bottle with water to feed the animal two times a day, as instructed on the newborn animal log. Then, they can mark down all the days and times of feedings as well as the animal’s mood each day. If the newborn isn’t having a great day, kids can squeeze its head to spit out the water.

Care for the kritter isn’t done for the day until little pet parents change its diaper. Kids can remove their baby pet’s diaper and dunk it in icy water to reveal a dirty diaper with a pee or poop emoji. A quick soak in warm water cleans the diaper for the newborn to re-use.

The T.L.C Kritters’ attention to detail stood out to me the most. Even the incubator had a raised area to mimic buttons and holes to pet the critter while it’s inside. The realistic aspects, including the diaper changing along with the log make you excited to take on the responsibility of caring for the pet.

The blind box element adds to the excitement of becoming a new pet parent while the role-play element gives kids a taste of what it’s like to care for animals. It also encourages emotional intelligence and responsibility as they play. As a plus, parents can easily clean up the minor messes the critters make.

With important life lessons and social skills all boxed into an incubator for just $9.99, this is the one pet parents will gladly bring home.