Goal: $69,225
Funding Period: through April 4
Creator: Tio Toys

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Tio encourages kids to use everyday and recycled objects to create app-controlled toys and other inventions.

The Tio kit includes motorized building blocks with LED lights, magnetic mounts, colorful wheels, interchangeable accessories, sticky tabs, stickers, a personalized storybook, and nine pop-and-fold invention templates.


Kids can download free iOS and Android apps to communicate with their creations and control features such as speed, direction, and the color of the LED lights. Plus, the programming mode allows creators to record and play back actions.

Kickstarter donations range from $5 to $6,981 and prizes include Tio T-shirts; printing credits; and Tio Creator Kits, which include blocks, the app, a storybook, invention templates, wheels, tyres, pulleys, adapters, magnetic mounts, sticky tabs, casters, charge cables, and stickers.

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