Tiny Love Boho Chic Luxe Developmental Gymini | Source: Tiny Love

Babies require a lot of stuff: rockers, bassinets, playmats — the list goes on and on, and expecting parents can get overwhelmed when their homes go from stylish and chic to covered in super bright colors and lots of inorganic-looking plastic. 

Tiny Love recently launched a new Boho Chic collection, which includes a selection of staple baby gear that will make parenting easier while also keeping your house looking good, thanks to minimalist designs and natural color palettes. 

Tiny Love is well known for its Gyminis, which are cute play mats that grow with babies through multiple milestones, helping them to stay engaged even in the early weeks of life while lying on their backs, enjoy tummy time to help build up their neck muscles, and even sit up and play as they get older. The Gyminis typically feature lots of colors, graphics, and toys hanging overhead, with different patterns and textures for babies to explore. The Boho Chic Luxe Developmental Gymini supports babies’ developmental skills with 20 creative activities. The activity mat is super soft and double padded so babies will stay comfortable, and it features a natural wooden play arch complete with hanging toys to grab babies’ attention. This Gymini leaves out garish designs and instead goes heavy on ivory, grey, and sage green, giving it a great aesthetic. There are additional toys connected to the mat itself (including a baby-safe mirror), and caregivers can move the toys around and help guide babies as they play. The toys feature different textures and rattle noises to keep babies engaged. Honestly, the mat just looks great. Whether it’s in a nursery or a living room, it blends in gently with the decor thanks to the neutral design.

Tiny Love Boho Chic 2-in-1 Rocker | Source: Tiny Love

The Boho Chic 2-in-1 Rocker is cozy and lightweight and serves as the perfect spot to let babies relax and play between naps. The Rocker features two modes of use (rocking or stationary), three recline positions, and two adorable developmental toys complete with rattle noises, crinkle textures, and more. The design allows parents and caregivers to adjust the recline positions with one hand — a great feature for multitasking pros. The rocker assembles in a snap, and includes a removable insert to grow along with baby. Parents can rock their babies, or flip open the braces on the bottom to keep the rocker stationery and in place. There’s even a removable cover that is machine washable in case things get messy.

Tiny Love Boho Chic Luxe Musical Mobile | Source: Tiny Love

The perfect crib accessory, the Boho Chic Luxe Musical Mobile offers a wide variety of electronic features and controls, including adorable plush animals such as a sloth and a koala bear, and vintage-inspired embroidery. The mobile engages babies when they are awake, but also helps soothe them to sleep at naptime or bedtime. It features rotation, 17 melodies, a unique “shushing” sound, white noise, volume control, a timer, and an LED light. The slim and simple design pairs perfectly with the other Boho Chic items. 

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Featuring nature-inspired colors, high-end fabrics, super-soft textures, and impressive functionality, the rocker, Gymini, and mobile have it all. Everything is super lightweight and easy to move around, with features like quick assembly and one-touch adjustments. Tiny Love’s latest collection gives parents all of the luxury while giving babies lots of stimulation. For expecting parents working on a baby registry and hoping to limit the amount of super vibrant colors and cartoonish characters attempting to take over their homes, the Boho Chic collection provides great options.