Tiny Tukkins

There’s a new plush family on the block! Say hello to the Tiny Tukkins line of soft, plush animal characters and playsets, from Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co.

Featuring a Deluxe House Playset and three different expansion playsets (sold separately), the opaque, highly decorated boxes keep the contents a mystery until kids unbox them, incorporating the unboxing trend into this preschool toy. Each set comes with different characters, and there are 12 to collect in total.

Tiny Tukkins encourages team play and fosters relationships through challenging and competitive activities and shared role-play interactions. The Deluxe House Playset includes Dad, Mom, and Baby plush characters for kids to play with. They can dress the characters up in their removable outfits and pajamas, change the baby’s diaper, and incorporate the included accessories into imaginative play. Then, once the characters are all tuckered out, kids can convert the closet into a bed for Mom and Dad, and place Baby into its crib, for bedtime. The set also includes a highchair for feeding times and soft blankets for the whole family.

Tiny Tukkins
Preschool Playtime Set

The house itself is made of sturdy cardboard, brightly decorated to bring any household scenario kids can think of to life. There are even hangers for kids to hang the characters’ change of clothes in the closet! Parents should be sure to read the instructions for converting the closet to a bed carefully and make sure they use a gentle touch. Frustrated, frantic fingers will do you no good here!

Each Tiny Tukkins Playset comes with one Baby and one Big Sister plush character, a dress, a diaper, a blanket, a pillow, and a crib, plus a bunch of other accessories that match the play set’s theme. The Cuddle ‘n Play playset includes a play mat, a sippy cup, a car, and a rocker; the Preschool Playtime playset includes a book, a pencil, a pencil sharpener, and a back pack; and the Naptime Nursery playset includes a sleeping bag, a bottle, a chair, and a teddy bear.

Tiny Tukkins
Naptime Nursery Set

Kids can use the accessories and the detailed box backdrops to act out different scenarios and activities with their plush animals. For example, the Preschool Playtime play set depicts a colorful, preschool classroom, complete with a desk, cubbies, and even a memo board; while the Naptime Nursery playset depicts a cozy room with a round rug, window, wall sconces, and a couch.

Tiny Tukkins
Cuddle n’ Play Set

The accessories are very small, so they’ll fit well into tiny hands; however, if your little one tends to put alllll the things into their mouth, make sure you keep a close eye on playtime. The plush characters are oh so soft and perfect for snuggling. Who knows: Maybe you can turn Naptime Nursery into naptime IRL. Good luck!

(Psst! Visit the Tiny Tukkins Facebook and YouTube accounts for fun videos and more interaction with the family of characters!)