Who doesn’t dream of having a treehouse? Yet, space and time may not allow for an actual backyard branch building structure. So, how about this adorable Timber Tots Treehouse, from Fat Brain Toys!

I remember a similar toy from my youth, and it was a playdate favorite. Originally called TreeTots when distributed in the 1970s, this modern version is a pretend tree with two friendly critters. It also comes with accessories, such as a car, beds, chairs, and tables.

While the recommended age for the Timber Tots Treehouse is for kids 2 and up, even older children can have fun playing with this unique “house” — either with the included characters or other doll favorites lying around the playroom — due to its cute features.

Some of those cute features include the treetop popping up to display detailed living spaces, such as a kitchen, bedroom, and living room. There is also an elevator with a tree trunk crank that lifts it up into the second story. The back of the tree has a must-have garage for the included car, and there is an outdoor shrub that is a little hideaway for the critters. Plus, there is a little critter swing, too.

The carrying handle makes the treehouse portable for play inside, outside, and all around the house. Plus, the ability to open and close the treehouse — by pushing down to close or pushing down to reopen — makes it a unique interactive and functional feature.

Assembly is quick. The majority of the time is just putting on the floor and wall stickers, then placing the wall dividers. The wall dividers can be removed or kept in place for room-by-room revelry. Overall, the plastic play set is sturdy and the entire tree encourages imaginative play and storytelling. Once play is done, store everything inside, and push the tree top down for a quick cleanup.

There is a whole line of Timber Tots toys, with additional play sets and accessories, that can be used to expand the play possibilities. But this Timber Toy Tree House stands a trunk above the rest!