These Rainbow Magnets Are Pretty And Powerful

Teaching kids about magnetic force might not be the easiest task. But when you take all the colors of the rainbow in different geometric shapes, they might just find themselves attracted to the subject. Tileblox Rainbow 30-piece Set, by Magformers, will have kids constructing their own magnetic colorful creations.

Whether kids want to build a house, a dog, a pyramid, or their own mystery figure, they will gravitate toward these magnetic gems. Kids can choose from red, green, blue, yellow, orange or purple, in either a triangular or square shape. All magnetic Tileblox are transparent, and the magnets can be located in each corner of the shape. As the name calls for, each Tileblox piece is a cross between a block and tile. To make things easier, a magnetic board is included to give kids a flat hard surface to build on —  it’s great for taking in the car!

These colorful magnetic Tileblox, designed for kids ages 3 and up, are perfect to introduce STEM education into children’s lives. Kids will be able to observe the pull of the magnets as they get closer to each other. Kids will also feel magnetic force weaken as the magnets get farther away from each other.

The strength of the magnets is also top notch. After placing 30 magnetic Tileblox on the magnetic board and flipping it upside down, not one Tileblox dropped. However, if kids decide to build a tall tower, the Tileblox might not stay put if flipped upside down. Kids will learn that the sturdiness of a figure decreases if a magnet is only semi-attached to another magnet.

In terms of size, Tileblox are substantial. To picture the square shaped Tileblox, think of a drink coaster. The optimized size of the Tileblox allows parents to feel reassured that the set will not pose a choking hazard. Also, since all the pieces are magnetically attracted to each other, kids can easily keep all the pieces together.

While this toy has previously been released with fewer magnetic Tileblox, this 30 piece set will allow kids to create multiple designs at once. But if they really want a challenge, we here at Toy Insider have a task in mind: have kids build a STABLE figure composed of ALL 30 magnetic Tileblox. We’re not going to lie, it’s pretty hard—but it will inspire kids to play around with the blocks and see what they can create. Whether or not kids attempt the challenge, this set is a great toy to get kids thinking both strategically and creatively.

All in all, these magnets are sure to spark kid’s interest in science while making beautiful designs.



Manufacturer: Magformers
MSRP: $54.99

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