Tiki Cards Bring Collectibility to Nail Art

Tiki Cards

Collectibles nowadays come in all shapes and sizes, from dolls and action figures to teeny tiny grocery-themed characters—and now, even nail art.

At first glance, Tiki Cards look like normal trading cards, but they’re actually collectible nail stickers. Each card features enough stickers for a fun, age-appropriate manicure. In true trading card fashion, the cards are sold in threes in blind bag packaging, or a Mega Pack with 15 cards is also available.

Each Tiki Card has two stickers each for the pointer, middle, pinky, ring, and thumb fingers, plus an extra pair for kids to have an extra design if necessary. Of course, these cards have a one-time use, so kids can trade their duplicates with friends or save their favorites for later (you BET I’m hoarding the penguin designs).

There’s a theme for everyone, including sports, animals, holidays, and more. Each of them have fun names, such as “Bow wow,” “Just dance,” “‘Stache stash,” and “Penguin Pal.” The back of the cards feature a hashtag unique to each card, so kids can share their designs on social media and discover new designs.


Each card has a protective piece of plastic over it, ensuring that the stickers will not be damaged when kids first open the package. To put them on, it’s best for kids to not have any nail polish on their nails. Tiki Cards recommends to first clean nails with an alcohol-based cleanser, which is meant to make sure no dirt or excess residue is on nails to make sure the stickers will put on just right.

Then, all kids need to do is apply the stickers and firmly hold it for 20 seconds. I messed up a couple of times, and it wasn’t hard to peel it off my nails and try again. The stickers are big enough for nails that some older girls will have. If there is more sticker than there is nail, simply take a nail clipper and carefully trim it up to the nail. Younger kids can definitely ask an adult for help!

What I like most about Tiki Cards is that they’re completely designed with kids in mind. They are perfect for parents who think their kids are not yet old enough to wear nail polish, or for kids who who just want a quick, good looking, and long lasting manicure. The designs are fun, easy to put on, but best of all, are simple to peel off. Plus, they don’t leave any gross residue!

Tiki Cards are much more cost effective than manicures and will make for great gifts in stockings, Easter baskets, and more!



Manufacturer: Tiki Cards LLC
MSRP: $4.99 for a blind pack; $19.99 for a Mega Pack

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