Tiggly Words Takes Kids on Learning Adventures

Tiggly WordsTiggly has done it again with Tiggly Words, the third addition to the Tiggly collection, adding to the sets consumers already know and love, Tiggly Shapes and Tiggly Counts. Tiggly is a learning company that creates playthings based on the idea that physical play is essential to early learning.

The Tiggly Words set comes with five vowels designed by educators to interact with Tiggly’s three new apps. Kids will be learning everything from phonics, nouns, verbs, word building, and the difference between long and short vowels. It challenges kids with problem solving and memory, while also allowing them to be creative by dreaming up stories and new worlds of adventure. Kids will use the magnetic letters to interact with the app, which enhances the play and learning experience tenfold. They will better understand the concept of letters and by being able to grasp it in their hands while seeing them pop up on the screen at the same time.

The shapes are soft, brightly colored, and big enough for little hands to play with and move around tablet screens. I promise that Mom and Dad’s tablets will be safe! Plus, the set also comes with a soft, felt carrying bag that’s perfect for travel or to store safely, meaning there won’t be any tears over a lost letter.

Tiggly Words works with three tablet-based apps, each of which is super interactive with adorable, fun graphics. They are all compatible with all generations of iPad, iPad mini, and select Android tablets. Each purchase of Tiggly Words includes three codes to get the apps on the Apple App store for free. The apps can also be played without using the letters.

Tiggly Submarine Screenshot

Tiggly Submarine is a standout favorite among the three new Tiggly apps. In this game, kids are maneuvering around an ocean filled with vowel fish, a hungry octopus, and a deep sea elevator. While they’re exploring, they can stop at different stations, such as a turtle house, to watch the inhabitants perform funny tasks as kids place the letter pieces on the screen. Even if kids place the same letter on the screen over and over again, it comes up with different words each time for various actions, objects, and animals.

In Tiggly Tales, kids make as many three-letter, consonant-vowel-consonant patterned words as they can using the letter pieces. When kids complete a word, that object or animal pops up on the screen. Then, kids get to create fun stories, like putting a “pug” in a “cab” or catching a “bug” in a “bag.” Kids can make recordings of their stories so they can share them with friends or watch them over and over again!

Tiggly Doctor challenges older kids to complete action verbs to alleviate silly patients’ unexpected maladies. They will learn more than 100 verbs, along with short and long vowels, and flexible thinking. Kids will also have to spell out complicatied words such as “multimillionaire” and “regulations.” The app is silly and filled with humor. Best of all, as kids get more experienced as a doctor, the words get harder.

Tiggly Words, along with all of the corresponding apps, are sure to put a smile on kids’ faces while they’re learning without even knowing it.



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