X’s and O’s and Tic Tac Toes are so yesterday. It’s all about Tic Tac Tongue now!

Tic Tac Tongue, from Yulu, is a hilarious game in which players knock down as many insect targets as possible by blowing through a lizard tongue mask.

The game comes with four lizard masks that have a tongue attachment that looks like one of those New Years Eve paper noisemakers. You know, the one that unravels when you blow into it. The lizard tongues don’t make noise but they’re red, so they do look like a long reptile tongue darting in and out trying to catch flies for dinner.

Tic Tac Tongue is made for kids ages 4 and up and should be played in two teams made up of two players each.

There’s two sets of cards: target cards and game cards. The target cards are double-sided with red and green backgrounds. They get lined up in the middle of the table, like a divider. Each team sits on opposite sides of the table and is assigned either red or green.

When it’s go-time, it will be one player vs. one player at a time. Flip over one game card to reveal an insect and a target number. The players will blow into their lizard mouthpieces to inflate the tongues and knock down the target that matches the game card. So if the game card says one green caterpillar, the players must battle to knock over the target card that has one green caterpillar on it. But no hands allowed! It’s all done using the mask, like a lizard slurping up the caterpillar. There’s also mosquitos, ants, bees, roaches, and other creepy crawlies I never hope to meet IRL.

If a player knocks the target onto the opposite side with their team color facing up, that team wins that round. If the wrong target falls, the other team collects the target. Play until the stack of game cards is finished. At the end, both teams will add up the numbers on their collected target cards and the team with the highest score wins!

Young kids will think this game is a riot, especially with the silly mask they have to wear. They might even get more use out of it by wearing it outside of the game for some dress-up and pretend play. It’s also pretty easy to play once you get going so it makes for a fun family game night. And don’t worry, parents: Each mouthpiece is completely washable.

Combine reptiles, insects, and sticking out tongues, and it’s a winning combo for every little kid I know.