STOMPER3Playtime is about to go back in time—all the way to the Jurassic period.

Thunder Stompers let kids feel like they’re walking among dinosaurs. These 12-inch plush dinosaurs from Snap Toys make stomping, roaring, and thundering sounds when kids stomp the Thunder Stompers’ oversized feet. Thunder Stompers sound like they’re crashing their way through the rough, prehistoric terrain, roaring at fellow predators and prey as they go. They are ideal for kids ages 2 to 5.

Kids can get acquainted with different species, like Crash, a blue triceratops; Slash, a red T-Rex; Mash, a purple Apatosaurus; and Flash, a lime green Corythosaurus. Unlike their prehistoric counterparts, these plush are super soft and great for cuddling. Each features the likeness of its particular species, which will encourage kids to learn a little more about the dinosaurs. For example, they can discover that Mash’s ancestors were the some of the largest creatures to ever walk the Earth, or that Flash’s are commonly called “duck-billed dinosaurs.” While kids are playing with a dinosaur plush that makes fun noises, they can use their imaginations to go on a vibrant journey back in time.

For on-the-go dinosaur fun, young paleontologists can turn to Stomp-A-Saurs, the mini version of Thunder Stompers that still make the same fun noises but only measure 4.5 inches. Stomp-A-Saurs make great mini travel companions for any road trip, although kids may have to explain to their prehistoric friends what a car is.