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Train sets are a staple in any house. They’re classic. They get passed down from parent to child through generations. It’s always adorable to see one running under a Christmas tree, or in the case of my family, taking over the entire garage. What’s not so adorable is you tripping over train tracks that were left out in the playroom, the living room, or your kids bedroom while you’re just trying to walk.

RollofTapeBachmann has your solution: Thomas & Friends Track PlayTape. Designed to go with any Thomas & Friends train sets for kids ages 3 and up, this tape turns any surface—a kitchen table, the floor, even carpet—into a train yard.

Each roll comes with 50 feet of 2-inch-wide track that sticks to any surface, but can easily be pulled up and placed somewhere else, and guess what? It sticks just as well. It doesn’t leave any residue behind, so no need to worry about glues, adhesives, or scratches on your precious hardwood floors, or expensive, ultra-plush carpet.

Even better: the ability to reposition the track gives kids TONS of open play options, expanding creativity and imaginations. Plus, this made-in-the-U.S. tape can be ripped to any length, so there are endless possibilities of track configurations that kids can make!

Kids will also love the design of the Thomas & Friends Track PlayTape , which is printed to simulate real train tracks and decorated with Thomas & Friends artwork, including the iconic logo and Thomas’ “peep peep” whistle. The PlayTape also relieves any frustration of building up or taking apart train tracks, and instead lets kids instantly create their railroads and get straight to the fun!